Brewery No 2 Cyrillic fonts

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All Brewery No 2 Cyrillic fonts you see below belongs to the well-known Brewery No 2 font family. Please select the Brewery No 2 Cyrillic fonts you want to buy and download:

Background: Linotype Brewery font is the most common font of Brewery font. A distinguishing characteristic of this font is its constructed forms & its light stroke contrast. In 1997 Type designer Gustav A. Grinberg designed this font. It is influenced by Dutch fonts of the 17th century, Copperplate typeface. This font is elegant and cool. It is product of Take Type Collection. It is available in 6 styles from light to black. Its serifs are triangular & tiny. Its very large type size is perfect to middle-length texts & headlines.
Designed 1997 by Gustav Andrejs Grinbergs.

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