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All Californian FB Display fonts you see below belongs to the well-known Californian FB font family. Please select the Californian FB Display fonts you want to buy and download:

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download Californian FB Display Bold fontCalifornian FB Display Bold$40,00
download Californian FB Display Italic fontCalifornian FB Display Italic$40,00
download Californian FB Display Volume fontCalifornian FB Display Volume$180,00
download Californian FB Display Black fontCalifornian FB Display Black$40,00
download Californian FB Display Expert fontCalifornian FB Display Expert$40,00
download Californian FB Display Roman fontCalifornian FB Display Roman$40,00

Background: In 1938 Frederic W. Goudy first designed California Old style but Lanston issued it as Californian. In1958. Designer Carol Twombly digitized the roman font after 30 years of California. David Berlow updated this font for Font Bureau with italic & small caps; Jane Patterson designed the bold style of this font. In 1999, assisted by Richard Lipton & Jill Pichotta, Berlow designed the black & text display series.
Designed 1938 by Frederic W. Goudy.

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