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download Poster Bodoni Italic fontPoster Bodoni Italic$29,00
download Poster Bodoni Complete Family Pack fontPoster Bodoni Complete Family Pack$52,00
download Poster Bodoni WGL Roman fontPoster Bodoni WGL Roman$29,00

Background: Poster is more commonly known as Bodoni Poster which is a Linotype font family with 3 styles. It was created by Chauncey H. Griffith in the year 1929. This font type distinguishes itself from the other existing fonts through the strength of its characters and exemplifies the coherent thinking of the representation of the work. This typeface was very popular until the mid-19th century. This typeface is ideally used for posters and signs, particularly neon signs. Bodoni Poster is an exclusive copyright and trademark of Linotype GmbH which may be registered and used in certain jurisdictions.
Designed 1929 by Chauncey H. Griffith.

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