The Sassoon font family

Sassoon more commonly known as Sassoon Primary is a Linotype font family with 12 styles. It was created by Rosemary Sassoon and Adrian Williams in 2000. The font type reflects a harmony between the space within and outside the letters. The adaptable and compliant font can be used for headlines or text, in small or large point sizes. Sassoon is a registered trademark of Sassoon & Williams.
Designed 2000 by Rosemary Sassoon, Adrian Williams.

The Sassoon font family includes several styles. Click one of the packages below to get more information about the Sassoon font (download version) you want:

Preview Font name and styles   Price
download Sassoon Italic fontSassoon Italic
4 styles: Bold, Medium, Pack, Regular
download Sassoon Complete fontSassoon Complete
download Sassoon Book fontSassoon Book
3 styles: Italic, Regular, School reading pack
download Sassoon Felt fontSassoon Felt
3 styles: Bold, Regular, School pack
download Sassoon Infant fontSassoon Infant
14 styles: Basic School reading/writing pack, Bold, Bold, Dotted B, Dotted, Line Regular, Medium, Pro Pack, Regular, Regular, Starter School writing pack, Tracker B, Tracker, Volume
download Sassoon Joined fontSassoon Joined
9 styles: DAN Regular, ENG Regular, FIN Regular, ISL Regular, Line ENG Regular, NOR Regular, Pen ENG Regular, Pen Line ENG Regular, SWE Regular
download Sassoon Joiner fontSassoon Joiner
2 styles: English School writing pack, Nordic School writing pack
download Sassoon Linked fontSassoon Linked
2 styles: ENG Regular, Line ENG Regular
download Sassoon Montessori fontSassoon Montessori
5 styles: Dotted, Medium, Regular, School pack, Tracker
download Sassoon Patterns fontSassoon Patterns
3 styles: Line Regular, Regular, School pack
download Sassoon Primary fontSassoon Primary
11 styles: Bold Italic, Bold, Bold, Condensed Medium, Italic, Medium Italic, Medium, Pack, Regular, Regular, Volume
download Sassoon Sans fontSassoon Sans
24 styles: Bold, Bold, Medium, Medium, Pack, Regular, Regular, Slope Bold, Slope Bold, Slope Medium, Slope Medium, Slope Pack, Slope Regular, Slope Regular, Slope Volume, US Dotted B, US Dotted, US Line, US Medium, US Regular, US School writing pack, US Tracker B, US Tracker, Volume
download Sassoon Write fontSassoon Write
5 styles: ENG Regular, ENG Slanted, English School writing pack, Line ENG Regular, Line ENG Slanted

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