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download Benton Sans Light fontBenton Sans Light$40,00
download Benton Sans Light Italic fontBenton Sans Light Italic$40,00
download Benton Sans Light Italic SC fontBenton Sans Light Italic SC$40,00
download Benton Sans Light SC fontBenton Sans Light SC$40,00

Background: Benton Sans font is a design of USA based designer Cyrus Highsmith�s. It is commonly known as Benton Sans font which is a product of Font Bureau font family. It was released in 2000. In 1903 faced with the welter of sans which was offered by ATF is updated by Cyrus Highsmith. It is a review of News Gothic. The Font Bureau studio expanded it as a far reaching new series, with matched weights, widths & performance.
Designed 2000 by Cyrus Highsmith.

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