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download Finnegan´ Italic fontFinnegan´ Italic$65,00
download Finnegan´ Italic OsF fontFinnegan´ Italic OsF$54,00
download Finnegan´ Italic SC fontFinnegan´ Italic SC$54,00

Background: More commonly known as Linotype Finnegan, it is based on Linotype font genre with twenty-two distinct and independent styles. Designed and developed by JŘrgen Weltin in the year 1997, it is most commonly used in short text headlines for news articles and journals. Typical font styles used are Linotype Finnegan Regular, Linotype Finnegan OsF Regular, Linotype Finnegan Small Caps Regular, and Linotype Finnegan Italic and so on. With a touch of elegance and professional appearance it can be used under any resolution and any creative writing domains. ĹLinotype Finneganĺ is an exclusive copyright of International Typeface Corporation.
Designed 1997 by JŘrgen Weltin.

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