Geodec Egiptian fonts

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All Geodec Egiptian fonts you see below belongs to the well-known Geodec font family. Please select the Geodec Egiptian fonts you want to buy and download:

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download Geodec Egiptian Regular fontGeodec Egiptian Regular$20,00
download Geodec Egiptian Bold fontGeodec Egiptian Bold$20,00
download Geodec Egiptian Complete Family Pack fontGeodec Egiptian Complete Family Pack$50,00
download Geodec Egiptian 3D fontGeodec Egiptian 3D$20,00

Background: Geodec is based on Intellecta Design font class that is particularly suitable for frames that enhances designs particularly in Web graphics and other animations. Designed and developed by Paulo W in the year 2006, it attracts all the users that use it. An exquisite and decorative font style that finds its application wherever creative aspect of writing is concerned. Being very stable and robust, it can be used at any resolutions without any complexities.
Designed 2006 by Paulo W.

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