The Georgia font family

Georgia® is based on Ascender Corporation font class with four classical and elegant styles. Designed and developed by Matthew Carter and Tom Rickner in the year 1996, it has become one of the most popularly used fonts in any form of creative and corporate writing. This particular font designed is being owned by Microsoft that provides legible and clear font appearance that adds extra significance and emphasis while writing. Perhaps the most frequently used font style that can be used with any resolution and irrespective of whether it is small caps or large caps. It can be best viewed with font size above 10. 'Georgia' is an exclusive copyright of Microsoft Corporation registered in the U.S. The four most commonly used font styles are Georgia Regular, Georgia Italic, Georgia Bold, and Georgia Bold Italic.
Designed 2000 by Matthew Carter.

The Georgia font family includes several styles. Click one of the packages below to get more information about the Georgia font (download version) you want:

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