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download Joanna Regular fontJoanna Regular$35,00

Background: Based on Linotype font class it is available with seven exclusive and distinct styles. Designed and developed by Eric Gill in the year 1937, it is widely used in short text headlines in newspaper articles, journals and magazines. It can also be used in any form of website documentation. With its robustness and clarity it is also used in arts and animation designing as well as in caption texts for movies. This particular font can be used under any resolutions without much complexity. Some of the most commonly used font styles include Joanna MT, Joanna MT Italic, Joanna MT SemiBold, and Joanna MT SemiBold Italic and so on. It is versatile and can also be used in typography. 'Joanna MT' is an exclusive copyright of Monotype Typography.
Designed 1937 by Eric Gill.

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