LinoLetter font

Linoletter is a Linotype font family with 20 exclusive and unique styles. Some of the styles include Lino Letter Roman, Lino Letter Roman Oldstyle Figures, Lino Letter Italic, Lino Letter Medium and so on. This font type was designed by André Gürtler and Reinhard Haus in the year 1992. Ideally suited for newspaper text fonts, this typeface can also be used as fonts in journals and magazines. It can also be used in multimedia applications without any complexities as it has the capabilities to give a strong impression under any resolutions. This typeface supports both upper and lower case characters. LinoLetter is an exclusive trademark of Linotype GmbH that can be registered and used in certain jurisdictions.
Designed 1992 by Linotype Design Studio.

LinoLetter font download and further information:

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