Linotype Authentic Stencil fonts

part of Linotype Authentic font family

All Linotype Authentic Stencil fonts you see below belongs to the well-known Linotype Authentic font family. Please select the Linotype Authentic Stencil fonts you want to buy and download:

Background: The most common of Authentic is the Linotype Authentic Small Serif™. It belongs to the Linotype font family and has eight distinctive styles. In the year 1999, Karin Huschka designed this fantastic typeface. He created various versions of this font such as Serif, Sans, Stencil, Small Serif and Script. The characters of Linotype Authentic look as being stamped by a large and loud machine. It has small contrast of strokes and a rigid form too. It is perfect for headlines and texts with large and medium sizes.
Designed 1999 by Karin Huschka.

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