Linotype Gianotten font

More commonly known as Linotype Gianotten, it falls under Linotype font class with twelve classical and elegant styles. Designed and developed by Antonio Pace and Giambattista Bodoni in the year 1999, it has become very popular amongst users because of its clarity and robustness. 'Linotype Gianotten' is an exclusive copyright of Linotype GmbH which may be used and recorded in certain jurisdictions. Most commonly used font styles include Linotype Gianotten Black, Linotype Gianotten Heavy Italic, Linotype Gianotten Small Caps Light, and Linotype Gianotten Light and so on. The most striking feature of is its ability to be compatible with both small and large caps without any complications. It can be very easily readable and understandable at variable resolutions.
Designed 1999 by Antonio Pace.

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