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download Modesto Text Medium fontModesto Text Medium$25,00
download Modesto Text Medium Italic fontModesto Text Medium Italic$25,00
download Modesto Text Bold fontModesto Text Bold$25,00
download Modesto Text Bold Italic fontModesto Text Bold Italic$25,00
download Modesto Text Family fontModesto Text Family$150,00
download Modesto Text Light fontModesto Text Light$25,00
download Modesto Text Light Italic fontModesto Text Light Italic$25,00

Background: Modesto is a Parkinson font family with 11 classical styles. Some of these styles include Modesto Light Text, Modesto Medium Text, Modesto Lite Regular, Modesto Lite Condensed and so on. It was first created by Jim Parkinson in the year 2000. Modesto is a registered trademark of Parkinson Type Design. Modesto implements elements of different hand-lettering and sign-painter lettering styles of the early twentieth century. It can be best used with high resolutions. This particular typeface supports only uppercase characters.
Designed 2000 by Jim Parkinson.

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