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download Pakenham Expanded fontPakenham Expanded$5,00
download Pakenham Expanded Bold fontPakenham Expanded Bold$5,00
download Pakenham Expanded Bold Italic fontPakenham Expanded Bold Italic$5,00
download Pakenham Expanded Italic fontPakenham Expanded Italic$5,00
download Pakenham Expanded Black fontPakenham Expanded Black$5,00
download Pakenham Expanded Black Italic fontPakenham Expanded Black Italic$5,00
download Pakenham Expanded Book fontPakenham Expanded Book$5,00
download Pakenham Expanded Book Italic fontPakenham Expanded Book Italic$5,00

Background: This font was inspired by Paul Renner's 1950s creation, Steile Futura. It was designed by Ray Larabie in the year 2000. The overall appearance of the letters is squarish and quite complete but friendly. The font is available in 30 styles. There are four weights in this font namely, regular, book, bold and black. It has three widths: regular, condensed and expanded. There are italics for most of the styles and eight special effects.
Designed 2000 by Ray Larabie.

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