Parangon font

Parangon ™ is a Paratype font family which is available in 15 exclusive styles. It was created by Anatoliy Kudrayavtsev in the year 2002. With its conventional and conservative spacing of the letterforms, this typeface provides a corporate and aesthetic look which can be ideally used in business and corporate communications. It is also used in different multimedia applications and also in advertising fields. Parangon is an exclusive copyright and registered trademark of ParaType.
Designed 2002 by Anatoliy Kudryavtsev.

Parangon font download and further information:

Preview Font name and styles   Price
download Parangon Complete Family fontParangon Complete Family$225,00
download Parangon 110C fontParangon 110C$25,00
download Parangon 120C fontParangon 120C$25,00
download Parangon 130C fontParangon 130C$25,00
download Parangon 210C fontParangon 210C$25,00
download Parangon 220C fontParangon 220C$25,00
download Parangon 230C fontParangon 230C$25,00
download Parangon 310C fontParangon 310C$25,00
download Parangon 320C fontParangon 320C$25,00
download Parangon 330C fontParangon 330C$25,00
download Parangon 410C fontParangon 410C$25,00
download Parangon 420C fontParangon 420C$25,00
download Parangon 430C fontParangon 430C$25,00
download Parangon 510C fontParangon 510C$25,00
download Parangon 520C fontParangon 520C$25,00
download Parangon 530C fontParangon 530C$25,00
download Parangon Basic Family fontParangon Basic Family$90,00
download Parangon Condensed Family fontParangon Condensed Family$90,00
download Parangon Extra Condensed Family fontParangon Extra Condensed Family$90,00

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