The Picture Yourself font family

Picture Yourself ™ is a Linotype font family with 24 styles. It was designed by Karin Huschka and Peter Huschka in 2004. The symbol library found in Picture Yourself offers an amazing assortment of high-contrast, simple letterforms, which may be used either separately or together in different layouts. This typeface was inspired by work displayed in the Frankfurt-based German Architecture Museum's 2003 Oscar Niemeyer exhibition. The Picture Yourself family of fonts can best be used with graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Picture Yourself is an exclusive copyright and trademark of Linotype GmbH and may be registered and used in certain jurisdictions.
Designed 2003 by Karin Huschka/Peter Huschka.

The Picture Yourself font family includes several styles. Click one of the packages below to get more information about the Picture Yourself font (download version) you want:

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