The Rotis font family

Rotis Serif is a Linotype font family with 3 styles. It was developed by Otl Aicher in 1988. Rotis is a widespread family group with Sans Serif and Semi Serif styles. The highly legible and elegant typeface has found its application from newspaper headlines to book texts and billboards. With its corporate look, The typeface is ideally suited to be used in business report writings and other corporate and multimedia design.
Designed 1989 by Otl Aicher.

The Rotis font family includes several styles. Click one of the packages below to get more information about the Rotis font (download version) you want:

Preview Font name and styles   Price
download Rotis Complete fontRotis Complete
2 styles: Family Pack, Family Pack
download Rotis Cyrillic fontRotis Cyrillic
download Rotis Greek fontRotis Greek
download Rotis II fontRotis II
17 styles: Sans 1 Volume, Sans 2 Volume, Sans Black Italic, Sans Black, Sans Bold Italic, Sans Bold, Sans Complete Family Pack, Sans Extra Bold Italic, Sans Extra Bold, Sans Extra Light Italic, Sans Extra Light, Sans Italic, Sans Light Italic, Sans Light, Sans Regular, Sans Semi Bold Italic, Sans Semi Bold
download Rotis Sans fontRotis Sans
37 styles: Hellenic Bold Italic, Hellenic Bold, Hellenic Extra Bold Italic, Hellenic Extra Bold, Hellenic Family Pack, Hellenic Light Italic, Hellenic Light, Hellenic Regular Italic, Hellenic Regular, Serif 45 Cyrillic Light, Serif 45 Greek Light, Serif 45 Light, Serif 46 Cyrillic Light Italic, Serif 46 Greek Light Italic, Serif 46 Light Italic, Serif 46 Light Italic, Serif 55 Cyrillic, Serif 55 Greek, Serif 55 Roman, Serif 55 Roman, Serif 56 Cyrillic Italic, Serif 56 Greek Italic, Serif 56 Italic, Serif 56 Italic, Serif 65 Bold, Serif 65 Bold, Serif 65 Cyrillic Bold, Serif 65 Greek Bold, Serif 75 Cyrillic Extra Bold, Serif 75 Extra Bold, Serif 75 Extra Bold, Serif 75 Greek Extra Bold, Serif Cyrillic Volume, Serif Greek Volume, Serif Light 45, Serif Volume, Serif Volume
download Rotis Semi fontRotis Semi
45 styles: Sans 45 Cyrillic Light, Sans 45 Greek Light, Sans 45 Light, Sans 46 Cyrillic Light Italic, Sans 46 Greek Light Italic, Sans 46 Light Italic, Sans 55 Cyrillic Regular, Sans 55 Greek Regular, Sans 55 Regular, Sans 55 Regular, Sans 56 Cyrillic Italic, Sans 56 Greek Italic, Sans 56 Italic, Sans 65 Bold, Sans 65 Cyrillic Bold, Sans 65 Greek Bold, Sans 75 Cyrillic Extra Bold, Sans 75 Extra Bold, Sans 75 Greek Extra Bold, Sans Bold 65, Sans Extra Bold 75, Sans Greek Volume, Sans Hellenic Bold, Sans Hellenic Extra Bold, Sans Hellenic Family Pack, Sans Hellenic Light Italic, Sans Hellenic Light, Sans Hellenic Regular Italic, Sans Hellenic Regular, Sans Italic 56, Sans Light 45, Sans Light Italic 46, Sans Volume, Sans Volume, Serif 55 Cyrillic Roman, Serif 55 Greek Roman, Serif 55 Roman, Serif 55 Roman, Serif 65 Bold, Serif 65 Bold, Serif 65 Cyrillic Bold, Serif 65 Greek Bold, Serif Complete Family Pack, Serif Hellenic Bold, Serif Hellenic Regular
download Rotis Semisans fontRotis Semisans
download Rotis Serif fontRotis Serif
20 styles: 55 Cyrillic Roman, 55 Greek Roman, 55 Roman, 55 Roman, 56 Cyrillic Italic, 56 Greek Italic, 56 Italic, 56 Italic, 65 Bold, 65 Bold, 65 Cyrillic Bold, 65 Greek Bold, and Semi Serif Cyrillic Volume, and Semi Serif Volume, and Semi-Serif Greek Volume, and Semi-Serif Volume, Complete Family Pack, Hellenic Bold, Hellenic Regular Italic, Hellenic Regular
download Rotis Serif/SemiSerif fontRotis Serif/SemiSerif
download Rotis W1G fontRotis W1G
2 styles: Complete Family Pack Value Pack, Sans Serif Volume Value Pack

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