The Times font family

In 1931, Times of London commissioned the Monotype Corporation to design a typeface for newspaper. The task was performed under the supervision of Stanley Morrison. The font is a product of intensive research into legibility and readability. It is a most unique newspaper typography. There are a number of differences between the Linotype and Monotype cuts of The font, but most of them are tough to recognize. The Times font is a hallmark of Linotype GmbH which may be registered under certain jurisdictions.
Designed 1931 by Stanley Morison.

The Times font family includes several styles. Click one of the packages below to get more information about the Times font (download version) you want:

Preview Font name and styles   Price
download Times Bold fontTimes Bold
4 styles: Italic, Italic, Regular, Regular
download Times Italic fontTimes Italic
2 styles: Regular, Regular
download Times 2 fontTimes 2
download Times Complete fontTimes Complete
2 styles: Family Pack, Family Pack
download Times Eighteen fontTimes Eighteen
4 styles: Bold, Complete Family Pack, Extra Bold, Roman
download Times Europa fontTimes Europa
14 styles: Bold Italic, Bold Italic, Bold, Bold, Complete Family Pack, Italic, Italic, Office Bold Italic, Office Bold, Office Complete Family Pack, Office Italic, Office Regular, Roman, Roman
download Times Extra fontTimes Extra
download Times New fontTimes New
74 styles: OS Family Pack, Roman Bold Condensed, Roman Bold Italic, Roman Bold Italic, Roman Bold, Roman Bold, Roman CE Bold Italic, Roman CE Bold, Roman CE Italic, Roman CE Package, Roman Complete Family Pack, Roman Condensed Bold, Roman Condensed Italic, Roman Condensed Italic, Roman Condensed Volume, Roman Condensed Volume, Roman Condensed, Roman Condensed, Roman Cyrillic Bold Inclined, Roman Cyrillic Bold, Roman Cyrillic Inclined, Roman Cyrillic MT Volume, Roman Cyrillic, Roman Expert Bold Italic, Roman Expert Bold, Roman Expert Italic, Roman Expert Volume, Roman Expert, Roman Extra Bold, Roman Italic, Roman Italic, Roman Medium Italic, Roman Medium, Roman Medium/Small Text Volume, Roman OS Bold Italic, Roman OS Bold, Roman OS Italic, Roman OS Regular, Roman PS Bold Italic, Roman PS Bold, Roman PS Cyrillic Bold Italic, Roman PS Cyrillic Bold, Roman PS Cyrillic Italic, Roman PS Cyrillic Regular, Roman PS Cyrillic Volume, Roman PS Expert, Roman PS Greek Bold, Roman PS Greek Italic, Roman PS Greek Regular, Roman PS Greek Volume, Roman PS Italic, Roman PS Regular, Roman PS Volume, Roman Regular, Roman Regular, Roman Semi Bold Italic, Roman Semi Bold, Roman Semi/Extra Bold Volume, Roman Seven Bold Italic, Roman Seven Bold, Roman Seven Complete Family Pack, Roman Seven Italic, Roman Seven, Roman Small Text Bold, Roman Small Text Italic, Roman Small Text Regular, Roman Volume 2, Roman Volume, Roman Volume, Roman WGL Bold Italic, Roman WGL Bold, Roman WGL Complete Family Pack, Roman WGL Italic, Roman WGL
download Times Phonetic fontTimes Phonetic
2 styles: Pi, Regular
download Times Roman fontTimes Roman
2 styles: Regular, Regular
download Times Semibold fontTimes Semibold
4 styles: Italic, Italic, Regular, Regular
download Times Ten fontTimes Ten
19 styles: Bold Italic, Bold Italic, Bold, Bold, Complete Family Pack, Complete Family Pack, Cyrillic Bold Inclined, Cyrillic Bold, Cyrillic Complete Family Pack, Cyrillic Inclined, Cyrillic Upright, Greek Bold Inclined, Greek Bold, Greek Inclined, Greek Upright, Italic, Italic, Roman, Roman

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