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066 Army1676 Morden Map2009 GLC Plantin
10 Cent Comics BB1682 Writhed Hand2009 Handymade Normal
10.12 Commercial1689 Almanach2009 Lollipop Normal
1066 Hastings Normal1689 GLC2009 Primitive Normal
1420 Gothic Script Normal1695 Captain Flint2010 Cancellaresca
1431 Humane Niccoli Normal1715 Jonathan Swift2010 Pipo
1456 Gutenberg B421726 Real Espanola2011 Slimtype
1462 Bamberg Normal1741 Financiere2041
1467 Pannartz Latin Normal1742 Civilite21 Emmerson
1470 Jenson Latin1756 Dutch21st
1470 Sorbonne Normal1776 Independance22nd Closed
1475 Bastarde Manual Normal1776 Independence22nd Open
1479 Caxton Initials1781 La Fayette Normal256 Bytes
1479 Caxton Normal1785 GLC Baskerville3 The Hard Way Overrun
1483 Rotunda Lyon1786 GLC Fournier3 The Hard Way RMX
1491 Cancellaresca Normal1790 Royal Printing3D Bippy
1492 Quadrata1791 Constitution3D Blocky
1499 Alde Manuce1792 La Marseillaise3D Bricky
1509 Leyden Normal1805 Austerlitz Script3D Cocoro
1510 Nancy Normal1805 Jaeck Map3d Fantablock Beveled
1512 Initials Normal1805 Jaek Map3D Techno Front
1514 Paris Verand Normal1809 Homer3D Techno Package
1522 Vicentino1820 Modern3D Techno Pixel
1523 Holbein1822 GLC Caslon3D Techno Shadow
1525 Durer Initials1845 Mistress3D Techno Vector
1529 Champ Fleury1848 Barricades3IP Handwriting Set
1533 GLC Augereau Normal1859 Solferino3IP Historical Collection
1534 Fraktur Normal1863 Gettysburg3IP Historical Pens
1536 Civilite Manual1864 GLC Monogram3IP Historical Texts
1538 Schwabacher Normal1871 Dreamer Script3IP Offbeat Collection
1540 Mercator Script Normal1871 Victor Hugo3IP Old Map
1543 German Deluxe1880 Kurrentschrift Set3IP Type Library
1543 Humane Jenson1880 Kurrentshrift Easy3x5 Family
1543 Humane Petreius1880 Kurrentshrift Normal4 Point Deco Deco
1545 Faucheur1883 Fraktur4 Point Florals Florals
1546 Poliphile1886 Romantic Initials4 Point Greek Fret
1550 Arabesques1890 Notice45 degrees
1557 Civilite1890 Registers46 Degrees Ultra
1557 Italique1906 Fantasio Auriol57 Rodeo
1565 Renaissance1906 Fantasio Normal58 Rodeo
1565 Venetian1906 French News66 Rodeo
1584 Pragmatica Lima1906 Titrage Black6809 Chargen
1584 Rinceau Normal1907 Fantasio Auriol Titling Normal7 Seconds
1585 Flowery1913 Typewriter750 Latin Uncial Normal
1589 Humane Bordeaux1917 Stencil Family799 Insular Normal
1590 Humane Warszawa1917 Stencil Monospace799 Insular Set
1592 GLC Garamond1917 Stencil Proportional799 Insular Titling
161 Vergilius1920 French Script80203 Fenotype
1610 Cancellaresca Normal1920 My Toy80s PXL
1619 Expediee1925 My Toy Print Deluxe825 Karolus Normal
1634 Rene Descartes Normal1968 Graffiti825 Karolus Set
1638 Civilite Manual1980 Portable825 Lettrines Karolus
1648 Chancellerie198499 Cents
1651 Alchemy2 Lines
1669 Elzevir2 Rebels
1672 Isaac Newton2008 Book Design Fonts
* ... Font family that inculdes several styles