Equipoize Serif font

Designed and developed by Sebastian Lester in the year 1996, it falls under the T-26 font genre with five distinct styles. An elegant and classy finesse that provides a unique feel and look to these fonts that can be used in any creative writing domains ranging from news articles for journals, magazines and content documentation for websites. Compatible with any resolution, it has become an obvious choice of all users in corporate and creative domains. Most commonly used font styles include Equipoize Sans-Regular, Equipoize Sans Small Caps, Equipoize Sans Regular Italic, Equipoize Sans-Bold, and Equipoize Sans Bold Italic. A round-shape appearance and robust structure Equipoize has become one of the most sort-out font styles to be used in every segment where writing is the key.
Designed 1996 by Sebastian Lester.

Equipoize Serif font download and further information:

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