Kuzanyan Multilingual font

This font was created back in 1959 at Polygrafmash. It was designed by Pavel Kuzanyan, a well-known Soviet book and type designer. Later on in the year 2001, Lyubov designed a more modified version of the font. It is mainly classified in two types which include PT Kuzanyan Italic and PT Kuzanyan. This particular font design is owned by ParaType font family. This particular font can be used under any resolutions without much complexity.
Designed 2001 by Lyubov Kuznetsova.

Kuzanyan Multilingual font download and further information:

Preview Font name and styles   Price
download Kuzanyan Multilingual Regular fontKuzanyan Multilingual Regular$30,00
download Kuzanyan Multilingual Italic fontKuzanyan Multilingual Italic$30,00
download Kuzanyan Multilingual Volume fontKuzanyan Multilingual Volume$56,00

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