Nicolas Jenson font

Nicolas Jenson SG is a Spiece Graphics font family with 21 elegant styles. Some of these styles include Nicolas Jenson SG Regular, Nicolas Jenson SG Regular Exp, Nicolas Jenson SG Regular OsF and so on. It was created by Ernst F. Detterer, Robert Hunter Middleton and Jim Spiece in the year 1924. It was initially created in the fifteenth century by Nicolas Jenson that formulated the basic structure of this typeface for Roman serif style which was further developed and modified by Ernst Detterer in 1923. Nicolas Jenson SG is a registered trademark of Spiece Graphics. With its decorative design, it is widely used in the fields of text headlines in different animation based websites and other multimedia applications. It supports both lowercase and uppercase characters.
Designed 1924 by Ernst F. Detterer.

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